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Meet ANONV's Petsitters

Mike Lausten
Mike Lausten is the General Manager of Animal Nannies of Northern Virginia. Mike grew up in Northern Virginia and graduated from Bishop Ireton High School. After studying Communications at the University of Scranton, Mike spent ten years in the restaurant business before going to work as a Manager with VMC Communications. In seven years with VMC Mike helped the company become one of the biggest and most successful wireless phone and satellite retailers in the nation. In October 2006 Mike came to work at Animal Nannies of Northern Virginia. As the Operations Manager for, Mike runs a number of highly successful companies. Mike holds a BA in business management and lives together with his wife and daughter in Ashburn Virginia.

As a child, Brooke Bacas constantly had a variety of traditional and nontraditional (wounded squirrels, birds and salamanders) pets at her home in McLean. From an early age, she voiced her desire to one day pursue a career in veterinary medicine. She now attends the University of Delaware where she is majoring in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. There, she continues to surround herself with animals and participates on the Equestrian Team, belongs to the Animal Science Club, and volunteers at the Brandywind Zoo in Wilmington. ANONV is lucky to have her services over the summer and on holidays.

Peter Bledsoe had two cats named Midnight and Mischief who shared his household from the time he was born. They both lived a good long time (19 and 22 respectively) and he remembers them fondly. Since then, he has often taken care of neighbors’ pets. He gets along fine with all kinds of animals and has cared for cats, dogs, bird, fish, snakes, and lizards. Peter has undertaken private fundraising efforts on behalf of pet rescue organizations in the area and nationally. He notes, “I enjoy working with ANONV because I love to work with pets.”

Timothy Cain grew up shepherding two Miniature Schnauzers, a beagle, multiple rabbits, gerbils, a bird, a turtle, tadpoles to frogs, lizards, hermit crabs and fish among other species. His grandparents bred Cocker Spaniels for fifty years and he observed much of how they interacted with individual dogs. Zach, his Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, copilots their vehicle on all Animal Nannies adventures and is often consulted for his insight and pet wisdom. Tim enjoys working with puppies, underdogs and top dogs all alike. When not tending to people's pets he also produces books, marketing and advertising for clients such as National Geographic Society and Discovery Channel.

Growing up, Kristin Johnson always had pet dogs. Though Brittany Spaniels were the most common in her house, over the years her family also had a Basenji, a Black Lab and a Rottweiler. Other pets were often thrown into the mix (cats, birds and a fish from the county fair that lived for several years), but dogs hold a special place in her heart. Never fearful of even the biggest dogs, she was known to “walk” a family friend’s Great Dane while she was still a toddler. Showing one of her aunt’s Shetland Sheepdogs in a local dog show remains an especially fond childhood memory. Currently, she works in a children’s program and does freelance writing in addition to her efforts on behalf of Animal Nannies.

Over the course of about 30 years Denise has raised three dogs, seven cats, numerous fish and even a squirrel! She adores cats and treasures the memory of feeding 6-month-old lion cubs during a trip to South Africa! Her previous experience put her in the same circles with high level executives, diplomats, Hollywood celebrities and national sports personalities, but she says “my current interaction with ANONV pet clients has much more meaning to me!”

Megan Lutz has had animals ever since she was born. Now she has a Brittney Spaniel named Brandy (who is also and ANONV client) and some very pretty fish. She is in the preliminary stages of studying to be a nurse at Northern Virginia Community College. She is in her second year with Animal Nannies and is loving every day of her work with the many pet clients she serves.

Kelly O'Brien has been taking care of pets for as long as she can remember. She has directed her passion for pets into jobs as a veterinary assistant, kennel assistant, groomer, and petsitter. Kelly is currently studying to become a medical assistant, but she plans to continue working with the dogs and cats who give her so much enjoyment in life. She aims to care for all of her client's pets as though they were her own.

Kristi Shahan comes from a pet loving family. She has had dogs, cats, birds, various reptiles and amphibians, and horses…and enjoyed every single one of them. She’s worked with animals in various capacities including on farms, in animal hospitals as a vet tech, and in animal shelters. Prior to working with ANONV, she was an owner of another petsitting company. Her expertise is special needs pets and animal hospice care.

Nancy Umstott’s pet care interests began at the ripe old age of six when she and her sister rescued a pregnant calico cat while visiting an aunt in West Virginia. Later in her childhood, she owned and cared for cats and a dog, Oliver. Eventually, she helped her father raise and breed thoroghbred horses. When her sister and brother-in-law needed care for their Scottish deerhounds, Nancy’s petsitting efforts began. Over time, she added several private clients through her church connections. She looks forward to serving ANONV clients well.

Michelle Zimmermann's friends often refer to her apartment as the "Discovery Channel": in residence are several fishtanks with Amazon fish, an African grey parrot named Jonah, a 4.5-foot long iguana, and two American green tree frogs, in addition to numerous plants and a corner dedicated to orchids. She enjoys walking dogs every day as an Animal Nannies petsitter, in addition to her occasional cat clients. She is a Vanderbilt University graduate, current student of biology at George Mason University, former journalist, and also currently teaches piano to students of all ages at a music store in McLean.

Moira Demyan is a busy lady, but luckily enough for ANONV and our customers she still makes time for petsitting. In between her jobs as a writer for a small business and taking care of her young son, Moira provides loving care to all of the pets she works with. Moira and her family are the proud owners of a peek-a-poodle who has been with them since their days in Philadelphia. Being the owner of a cockatiel gives Moira particular expertise for our bird owning customers. Moira's service is loving, polite, professional, and always in demand.

Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking? If so, you might want to hire Peter Mefferd to be your petsitter. Peter studied animal behavior, physiology, and zoology in Washington State before relocating to Virginia. He also spent time working on a horse farm. Peter's current crop of pets includes dogs, cats, and even a bearded dragon. As long as Peter is looking after your pets, you can rest assured they are in very capable hands.

Diana Fetterer has had a love of animals her whole life. Growing up in McLean, she was always the one her neighbors called on to care for their cats and dogs while they were away. Since the age of 13, Diana has cared for her beloved cat Misty who is approaching 11 and still as fiesty as a kitten. A resident of Northern Virginia her whole life, Diana attended McLean High School and graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2006 with a degree in Sociology. After graduation, she decided to go back to doing what she loved as a child, spending time with animals and giving them plenty of love and affection.

Therese Butkiewicz owns two beautiful retired racing greyhounds, Sheba and Sweetie, and enjoys working with rescued and rehabilitated dogs of all breeds. Therese particularly enjoys helping animals who have been injured, mistreated, or who are in need of special care. As a member of Fairfax Pets on Wheels, Therese volunteers, when she can, in this local pet therapy program that ministers to residents of facilities such as nursing homes. As well as loving animals, she is also involved in the performing arts. A former member of the US Navy Band Sea Chanters, Therese is a professional chorister and has been performing for over twenty years.

Maria Foladori is a avid dog lover who has been around animals since childhood. Maria spent several years as a consultant for the government of her native Uruguay before coming to work for Animal Nannies. Maria is bilingual and holds a degree in biology. A natural with our canine customers, Maria especially enjoys execrcising with the dogs she cares for. Maria and her husband live together in Germantown Maryland.

Alex Griffin is a native Texan who who was raised in Virginia and lives in Great Falls. Alex has cared for dogs, cats, lizards, fish, gerbils, guinea pigs, and a number of other animals. Alex works as a Senior Customer Service Representative in a call center during the day and spends as much of his remaining time as possible tending to Animal Nannies clients.

Alexandra Cramer and her family (including dogs, cats, snakes, and lizards) live in Great Falls, Virginia. Alexandra is an over-achiever who graduated early from high school through a dual enrollment program offered by Northern Virginia Community College. Alexandra enjoys traveling, photography, and volunteering, in addition to her love of animals.

Lucinda Clark Cramer is part of a mother-daughter petsitting combination that cares for cats and dogs all over Northern Virginia. Lucinda and her daughter, Alexandra, are animal lovers who let their actions speak for themselves. Your home and pets could not be in better hands with either one of them on the job.

Caitlin Black is a student at the Potomac School in McLean, VA. Caitlin and her family have been around and cared for animals as for her entire life. Caitlin's crop of animals currently includes two dogs and she particularly enjoys spending time with our canine customers. If your dogs need an energetic person to exercise and love them, Caitlin is the pet sitter for you.

Michael Reckmeyer was born in Arlington and grew up in Fairfax Virginia. Michael's family included a countless number of pets and he often visited the farms where both of his grandparents lived. Over the years Michael spent time with cows, horses, chickens, fish, and lots of dogs and cats. For the past twelve years his yellow lab Jake has been his best friend and constant companion. Although he readily admits to loving cats and all animals, Michael confesses that his favorite clients are the many dogs our customers entrust to him.

Shannon Kirkpatrick comes to Animal Nannies by way of East Peoria, Illinois. Shannon grew up and went to high school in Illinois and attended the University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing, Shannon spent time working as a teacher and trainer in the service industry. Shannon has years of experience with dogs and works well with animals of all kinds. An active member of his church, Shannon also works as a spiritual development volunteer and aspires to share his faith with others.

Crystal Washington has shared her life with animals and worked with them extensively. Crystal is currently the proud mom of a dog, a cat, 2 ferrets, and a guinea pig. During her career as a pet-sitter Crystal has seen it all when it comes to animal care. Crystal has been certified in first aid for cats and dogs by the American Red Cross and is happiest when she is around animals. Whatever your pet needs, you can be sure that Crystal will deliver first class service.

Brenda Diaz grew up in California and relocated to Virginia in 2006. Brenda graduated from Freemont high school in California in 2003 and attended community college on the West Coast as well. A lifelong pet-lover Brenda has been around dogs and cats for as long as she can remember. Brenda has a particluar fondness for dogs and our canine clients seem to love her as much as she loves them.

In addition to being a pet lover, Adam Moody is a student at George Mason University. Upon graduation, Adam plans to pursue an advanced degree and work in the medical or science fields. Adam lives in Vienna and has extensive experience in caring for dogs. In fact, Adam's own poodle just celebrated her 17th birthday.

Brittany Oman is a college student and animal lover. For most of her life Brittany's family has included pets and cats hold a special place in her heart. Brittany has experience as a camp counselor, child care provider, and pet-sitter. She has also traveled extensively and has lived in Helsinki Finland and Jakarta Indonesia. Brittany is currently pursuing a degree in acting with minors in communications and rhetorical studies.

Chuck Richardson is a native of Oregon and is in the process of relocating his llama ranch to Virginia horse country. Chuck has been raising llamas since 1998 and has been caring for animals his entire life. Chuck's outgoing personality, leadership skills, and ability to work with animals of all kinds, make him a valuable asset to Animal Nannies of Northern Virginia.

Ryan Bittner is an animal lover and student at George Washington University. In addition to being a pet sitter, Ryan and his family are also clients. The Bittners’ 9 year old collies Cinnamon and Cookie are among the favorites of the staff at Animal Nannies. Over the years Ryan has worked with cats, dogs, fish, rodents, and horses. Ryan and his family live in McLean, Virginia.

Christina Yount is a social worker who has spent her life helping the less fortunate. Professionally, Christina works with families and children to provide them with the resources they need to better their lives. Christina attended and received degrees from Northern Virginia Community College, Longwood College, and Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition to helping people, Christina has also provided lots of loving care to animals. Christina and her mother live together with their Siamese cat in Alexandria, Virginia.

Robert Strayer is originally from Louisiana and worked in a New Orleans Animal Shelter prior to Hurricane Katrina. After the storm Robert and his family moved to Northern Virginia. He and his wife Natasha and their daughter live in Manassas. Robert has been around animals since childhood and is currently also the proud father of a chow/German Shepherd mix. No petsitter works harder or cares for animals more than Robert.

Rebecca Kirwan is not just a petsitter but she's also a client of Animal Nannies of Northern Virginia. When Rebecca needed someone to care for her cats Lucy and Ricky, she called Animal Nannies. After seeing the way her cats were cared for, Rebecca decided to supplement her income by petsitting. Rebecca's evening job as a recruiting Manager leaves her plenty of time for petsitting during the day. Rebecca and her fiancé live in Tysons Corner, but the house is of course run by Ricky and Lucy.

Capri Leonard is a jack of all trades for Animal Nannies. Capri has been around animals her entire life and works walking dogs, caring for cats, and petsitting all over the area. Capri also works in our office in Great Falls helping to answer phones, book services, and handle general office duties. Capri and her husband live in Stafford, VA along with their son. Be careful if you visit, you never know where the family gecko might be hiding.

Having grown up on a farm, Dawn Blevins is a natural with animals of all kinds. Dawn and her husband live in Charles Town West Virginia and their current crop of animals includes 2 black labs and 3 cats. Dawn loves exercise and spending time outdoors. These qualities along with her knowledge and love of animals make Dawn a fantastic petsitter.

Gail Andrews has worked in just about every office setting you can imagine. She also has retail experience and has even spent time working in a coffee shop. But Gail's true love and passion has always been animals and she is now able to be around them everyday thanks to her work with Animal Nannies. Thankfully Gail is still able to spend time with her own cat Maya when she isn't caring for our client's pets.

Noah Landis is a native of Northern Virginia and a graduate of McLean high school. Noah prides himself on being a reliable, hard-working, polite, animal lover. In between walking dogs and caring for cats (including his own cat Tigger) Noah is also a business student at NOVA. You can count on Noah to take good care of your home and pets.

Jan Duplain owns her own business and has been involved with animals since childhood. Jan is currently the proud owner of a dog, a cat, and a bird. Jan was previously the Public Relations director for WETA TV and radio in Washington DC and has worked in PR for more than 30 years. A graduate of American University, Jan has received numerous awards during her career in Public Relations. An avid animal lover her entire life, Jan lives together with her pets in Falls Church, Virginia.

Katie Girard comes to Animal Nannies from Florida and is a graduate of Florida State University. Katie has experience with dogs, cats, birds, and many other animals and has administered medications to pets as well. For now, Katie's only pet is a parakeet named Buddy, but she hopes to rescue another dog very soon. Katie has a degree in English and loves working with pets.

Jill Hatcher is a nursing student from Ashburn Virginia. Jill graduated from Stone Bridge High School and has taken up petsitting to earn some extra money while she pursues her degree. Jill's experience is with cats and dogs for the most part, but she loves all types of animals.

Julie Pargoe has been involved with helping and caring for animals for as long as she can remember. For the past three years Julie has been an event coordinator with Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue (a non-profit organization specializing in the adoption of greyhounds) in Northern Virginia. Julie has 2 greyhounds of her own and 4 dogs in all. Julie and her family live in Falls Church.

It would be hard to find a more qualified petsitter than Wendy Osten. Wendy and her family have always had pets and she has been petsitting as long as she can remember. Wendy has also worked for 8 years as a veterinary assistant in her father's veterinary clinic. You might even find the clinic mentioned alongside Animal Nannies in Washingtonian Magazine!!!

Doug Fernandez is a nationally accredited dog trainer in Northern Virginia. He has trained dogs professionally for 15 years. Currently Doug works as a trainer for Pet Smart and walks dogs for Animal Nannies in his spare time. Doug has worked with a number of other highly respected companies and shares his knowledge and experience with our clients. Animal Nannies is very fortunate to have someone with Doug's background on staff.

Michelle Kline has worked with animals for nearly 15 years. Michelle has been a volunteer with the Humane Society and has an extensive background working with rescued and at-risk dogs. Michelle also owns a number of dogs of her own, all of them rescues of course. Michelle is an active member of the PTA and a troop organizer for the Brownies. Michelle and her family live in Falls Church.

Glynnis Keough is a student at George Mason University and a petsitter in her spare time. Glynnis has been around animals since childhood and is active as a volunteer in her spare time. Glynnis stays busy studying and working as a waitress in addition to her petsitting duties. Glynnis and her family live in Vienna Virginia.

Kaarn Heida is a retired physician and animal lover. When she decided her days of caring for people were through Kaarn turned her focus towards her other passion, caring for pets. Kaarn and her family live in Poolesville Maryland which often means long trips to care for her clients. You won't find a more dedicated caring petsitter than Kaarn.

Julia Bloom is a friendly energetic pet lover from McLean, Virginia. Julia has worked as a camp counselor and community volunteer and is preparing to continue her education. Julia is a lifelong pet lover and has a special fondness for dogs. Once you meet Julia you'll understand why our clients and their pets request her so frequently.

Moneika Cave has been a petsitter for ten years!! During that time she has seen her share of interesting animals and tamed more than a few difficult dogs. Moneika currently has three dogs and barely has enough time to spend with them due to her busy schedule of petsitting. Moneika and her three furry friends live in Sterling, Virginia.

Michael Selig has cared for dogs, cats, birds, gerbils, hamsters, fish, reptiles, and many other types of animals over the years. Michael loves walking dogs, but can handle any type of pet issue you might have. Michael and his family (along with their current cadre of 2 cats) live in Arlington. If you have an energetic pet, Michael is the man for the job.

Gabrielle (Gabby) Kirk is the proud mother of 4 children and a professional veterinary technician. Gabby specializes in aggressive dogs and dogs with socialization issues. That's a fancy way of saying that Gabby knows how to handle tough dogs. Gabby has been a trainer, consultant, and veterinary technician for more than ten years. She is currently working toward her professional certification and enjoys the challenge of working with dogs that most petsitters can't handle. Given her background and interests, it's not surprising that Gabby owns a pit bull, 2 cats, 3 snakes, as well as a number of frogs and geckos. I think it's safe to say that Gabby can handle your pet.

Lili Braselton is a mother of 3, with daughters ages 14 and 17 as well as a 5 1/2 year old Corgi. Lili has been an expert horseback rider for 40 years and has spent her entire life around animals. She has a special affection for dogs, cats, and horses. Lili has a Bachelors degree in fine arts and lives with her family in McLean, Virginia.

Kathy Quellen is a registered nurse and animal lover. Kathy is the proud owner of 3 cats and 9 parrots. Whether you need care for birds, cats, dogs, or any other animal, Kathy will take exceptional care of your pets. Kathy holds a bachelor's degree in nursing and has been caring for animals since childhood. Kathy lives and works in Alexandria Virginia.

Janelle Cooley is a long time pet lover, student, and bartender in Northern Virginia. Janelle is currently employed at one of the area's best restaurants. In her spare time she enjoys caring for animals. With her full-time job requiring her to work evenings, Janelle is able to spend lots of time walking dogs and caring for cats despite her busy lifestyle.

Gloria Johnson resides in Fairfax, VA with her two children, and American Bulldog "Noah". Gloria has always had a life long interest in animals, and dogs have especially played a major role in her life. Gloria comes to ANONV with over 15 years experience working with dogs as a Vet Assistant, Kennel Technician, and Professional Dog Walker. Over the years Gloria has had the pleasure of owning and caring for six rats, two birds, one cat, one ferret, and one lizard. Gloria is also an avid horse enthusiast and enjoys riding her Spotted Saddle Horse "Sunny" on long trail rides.

Alyssa (Aly) Eiserman is a former vet's assistant and animal lover. Aly spends her days between playing with her terrier lab mix Jake and going to school. She hopes to continue to work with animals while she pursues her educational goals. Aly lives with her family in McLean Virginia.

John Martin is a long-time resident of Northern Virginia, a small business owner, and an avid pet lover. John has worked as a full time residential and commercial interior decorator since 1985. John's work combines his twin passions of home improvement and caring for animals. John is a graduate of James Madison High School and lives in Reston.

Erin Stewart is an energetic pet lover from McLean, Virginia. Dogs have been members of her family since her childhood and Erin is particularly fond of exercising them. If your dog needs a good workout, Erin is just the petsitter for you.

Brandreth Cole is a retired pet lover who lives in Falls Church, Virginia. Brandreth worked in the mortgage industry for a number of years before deciding to pursue her true passion; caring for animals. Brandreth has been the mother to many dogs over the years, most recently a Chihuahua and a poodle. If your dog craves lots of love and attention, Brandreth is just what the doctor ordered.

Samantha Galbo is a recent graduate of Brevard College by way of Oakton High School. Samantha and her family have been associated with pets for as long as she can remember. Their current stable includes a greyhound and an Italian greyhound. Samantha hopes to turn her love of animals into a successful career.

Carmen Singer is not just a petsitter for Animal Nannies, she's also a client. Carmen and her family have three dogs, Diamond, Liz, and Rex, as well as a bird. Carmen is a full time college student who walks dogs and cares for pets during the summer and in her spare time. Carmen is very energetic and can handle any type of dog. Carmen and her family live in Great Falls Virginia.

Tina Gerin is a California transplant and animal lover. Tina's family is used to moving, as her husband is an active duty member of the US Army. Tina and her family currently have two Labs, Sonny and Frankie who share their home in Arlington. In addition to being a dog-walker Tina also takes part in our bed and biscuit program which allows her to care for your dog in her home. If you want a home away from home for your dog(s) while you're traveling, Tina is just what the doctor ordered.

Kiran Khan and her family grew up with dogs, cats, rabbits and several other animals. Kiran is also involved in the fashion industry and has been petsitting for a number of years. She and her family live in Arlington Virginia.

If there is such a thing as a perfect petsitter, it's Dominic Gallerano. Dominic has owned, trained, and rescued dogs and has worked as a veterinary assistant for over three years. Dominic's training and love of pets makes him perfectly suited to handle any situation with any animal. Just be sure to call first if you visit Dominic at home, his pit bulls Maya and Bella may give you a surprise welcome if you don't.

Rocky Zukeamnurt cannot get enough of dogs. Rocky shares his home in Annandale with seven dogs, most of them puppies. Amazingly, Rocky loves dogs so much that he walks them all day long for Animal Nannies. You won't find someone who cares more about dogs than Rocky. If you ever cross Rocky's path, there’s a good chance he'll have a dog (or two!) right there next to him.

Christine Zubal and her family (including 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 7 exotic fish) live together in Fairfax Virginia. Christine has been a pet sitter for her family pets and her friends and neighbors for as long as she can remember. Since graduating from Fair Oaks Academy with honors, Christine has worked as in several office settings as well as in child care. Christine and her family are active members of their church and animal lovers one and all.

Jane Fortenberry has been a teacher at the high school and college level and holds a Masters degree. Jane has experience with cats, dogs, cows, chickens, ducks, goats, and many other animals. Jane's knowledge combined with her love of animals and the outdoors are the perfect combination for a pet sitter. Jane also has extensive experience in administering medications to animals. Jane and her husband live together in Falls Church, Virginia.

Kaitlyn Ronin is the proud owner of a 4 year old ferret and a 3 month old beagle. She has cared for guinea pigs, birds, gerbils, hamsters, snakes, lizards and rabbits along with cats and dogs. Kaitlyn has worked in a pet store to go along with her experience as a pet-sitter. Kaitlyn, her family and pets live together in Annandale Virginia.

Nicole Brown lives in Woodbridge with her family and two pet poodles. A former member of the US Army, Nicole has worked in human resources and in various administrative positions. When she isn't tending to Animal Nannies clients, Nicole can be found volunteering in her church or spending time with her family and dogs.

John Bacas
Pets have always been a big part of the household in the Bacas family. John, his sister Brooke, and his parents have had a long list of pets and Bissels the family rabbit continues that tradition. A pet lover all his life, John grew up in the area and attended McLean High School. John and his family continue to live in McLean and are active members of their church.

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